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Player window not displaying


Hi, I enjoy your player and I was using it once on a dual screen computer (laptop attached to a monitor). I remember moving this player onto the other monitor to play some tunes, then I unplugged and the player doesn't display its window anymore. It shows up as a task item on the task bar, and using Windows 8.1 I can preview the screen, I just can't make the screen appear.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling like 5 times, even using previous versions. I even updated my computer all the way to see if a something changed, but that doesn't fix it. It seems as though the player kept a memory of itself on my computer (probably through registry) since I was able to get to the CTRL+O window to appear and I just typed and I just put in and it if I click the taskbar window icon over and over the appears.
I've tried reconnecting to the dual monitor and it doesn't work.

Anything you would know to help? or something I can delete off my computer so the program doesn't remember it was on my computer?