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  2. Broadcast
  3. Scrobbling
  4. RemoteTag
  5. Social
  6. Tag


Press CTRL + O to Open URL dialog


Press CTRL + D (or mouse right click on open button) to Open folder dialog

Pitch control

Click the icon on the blue square to switch between SEMITONE and CENT pitch mode

For those who want to downtune the pitch from 440Hz to 432Hz value, set CENT value to -32


Press Mouse Right Click to slider control to reset its value



With Impulse Media Player you can broadcast your music / recording device over the net.
To do so, you have two kind of server to choice:
  • Windows Media
  • Shoutcast

While WMA does not require any additional file, streaming in Shoutcast need two separate softwares.

For lame.exe, just put it in the Impulse Media Player root directory.
To set up and run shoutcast server, you can take a look to the getting started guide.

By the way, here's an hint to run a shoutcast server using a simple configuration.

- Go inside Shoutcast program directory, open the scservsimple.conf file

go to the line
publicserver=always, comment using ; token and replace with

add the following line:

since default port is often busy , using this port you have more chances to connect in.

Once you have updated the conf file, just run scserv.exe_ as admin and start it using simple configuration.

If you have success, you'll able to connect to shoutcast and spread your music over the network !

Broadcast with shoutcast

shoutcast web panel


Scrobbling a track means you are sending to LastFM the info about the song you are listening.

For more info, you can read the official FAQ page

This is a social feature that also allow you to know people which same music's interest.

To scrobble a track you need to register an account to LastFM and then give to Impulse Media Player the right permission.

To do so , open the preferences dialog, go to LastFM section and follow the simple steps indicated by the display. By clicking "Next button", once you are logged to LastFM, a message like this will show up to your browser:


Once you will give access to the application, you can click "Next" again and able to scrobble with Impulse Media Player



* Yellow square: this image indicates that you have successfully scrobbled the track
** Green square: A red LastFM logo indicates you have the lastFM account associated with IMP, otherwise is gray. When track info is taken from lastFM, image blink for a few seconds

Remote Tag Service

Impulse Media Player automatically get info from several network service of what you are listening.
This means that even if you are listening to a streaming radio capable to send title and artist tag, info relative to album, album cover and other stuff will be wrapped and displayed on this area.
Even more, it will be possibile to display and share context useful links like Lastfm, Facebook, Twitter, LyricWiki, or Spotify.

an image of the Michael Jackson's song "Don't stop 'til you get enough" included of wiki information


Mostly of the social features require a Lastfm or Facebook accounts.

Lastfm provide some useful services like search events on your city, scrobbling, getting your last played tracks list. Both lastFM and Facebook allow to share and post objects.

facebook login
demo facebook.jpg

search for events

share event
share event.jpg

similar tracks


As shown at the image below:

tag display example

yellow circle: copy data from lastfm to file's panel
green circle: open, delete or export image cover panel
red circle: tag file with data set on the file panel

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